Bitsys Brainfood Crackers – Sweet Potato Cinna-Graham – Case of 6 – 5/1 oz.


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Bitsy’S Brainfood Sweet Potato Cinna-Graham Smart Crackers Have A 1/2 Serving Of Organic Vegetables In Every Serving. These Fun Puzzle Shaped Snacks Are Great For Kids To Make Fun Designs Before Eating Them All Up. These Snack Packs Are Non-Gmo, Kosher And Nut-Free. They Are Simply Packed With Nutrition And Vitamins You Need For A Healthy Body. These Smart Snacks Contain Vitamin A, B, C And D But Are So Yummy Your Kids Will Never Know. Includes Five 1 Oz. Snack Bags. At Bitsy’S, We’Re On A Mission To Make A World A Healthier Place For Kids. All Kids Deserve Nutritious, Yummy Food And Safe Places To Play. That’S Why We Launched A Campaign Called Farm To Playground That Donates A Portion Of The Proceeds From Our Smart Crackers To Organizations That Help Keep Kids Happy And Active. You Might Say We’Re Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is.