Epic Dental – 100 Percent Xylitol Sweetener – Pouch – 5 lb


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Sweeten Your World With (Lots Of) Xylitol Hi. Im A Bigtastic Bag Full Of Heatlhy Sweetness. I Am Five Pounds Of Tooth-Pleasing-Happiness. Im The Real Deal. Whats Not To Love? Our Non-Gmo Xylitol Is Perfect For Low-Carb Diets And Safe For Most Diabetics, And Its Got 40% Fewer Calories Than Sugar. It Also Clobbers Your Mouth’S Icky Villains And Theres Even A Rumor That It Will Offer To Mow Your Lawn. Oh, And It Doesnt Taste Like Paste. We Hear Thats A Plus, Too. Details Substitutes 1:1 For Sugar All-Natural, Non-Gmo Verified 40% Fewer Calories Than Sugar Low Gycemic Index = Low Impact On Blood Sugar