Epic Dental – Xylitol Mints – Cinnamon Xylitol Bottle – 180 ct


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“Perhaps not for the faint of heart. These lil’ puppies have a bit of a bite…” Why is all cinnamon packaging red and not, say, purple or yellow or taupe? People say taupe is soothing. And these mints are soothing … in a puma-purring-in-your-lap kinda way. From the moment the package arrives, and you pry the box-top, youll smell that smell: Cinnamon. Hearty, passionate, hot-sultry-secret cinnamon. Oh, thats why its red. Got it. Sugar-free and sweetened exclusively with xylitol, Epics Cinnamon mints send your mouth for a spin as part of your daily six grams that dentists worldwide recommend to help stop tooth decay. Whats more (or less) is that all of Epics mints are slightly softer than your typical mint. That is to say, suck em to your hearts content, but if you choose to chew, chip, or bite down real good, they give way with grace and understanding. You wont chip a tooth on Epics watch. We like teeth too much. Note: Contains no mint extracts. We just call em mints because tablets never really stuck. Perfect Size for Cupholder or Desk Drawer100% Xylitol-SweetenedContains NO AspartameNatural Cinnamon Flavor, Contains NO Mint