Nuun Hydration Drink Tab – Active – Tropical – 10 Tablets – Case of 8


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you sweat – nuun active replenishespacked with electrolytes, light flavor, no sugars or carbs, and portable, nuun active hydration is the perfect sports drinkstay hydratedduring exercise a mere 2% loss in body weight can lead to a decrease in performance. nuun active hydration contains a superior blend of electrolytes without added sugars; it has a light-refreshing taste that promotes the consumption of water. complete electrolyte profile less than 8 calories no added sugarseach tablet contains: sodium: 360 mg potassium: 100 mg magnesium: 24 mg calcium: 12.5 mg vitamin c: 37.5 mg vitamin b2: 500 mcg under 8 calories zero added sugars