6 Packs Night Guard For Teeth Grinding and Clenching


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Share the products.

1.Anti-teeth Grinding: Helps to prevent conditions caused by teeth grinding, including jaw aches, tooth chipping, and headaches.
2.Premium Dental Grade: Food-grade material, BPA free with a protected case. Baby standard, safe, soft, and comfortable.
3.Simple to Customize: These boil-and-bite mouthguards come in 2 sizes that can be easily molded and customized. This involves boiling the mouthguard until it softens and then placing it over the teeth and biting down.
4.Price Friendly: 3 Packs for each size. No need to spend $200+ at dentists. You can be your own at-home doc!


What are dental guards for?

Dental guards are designed to hold your teeth a certain distance apart and in a particular position;  thereby eliminating the trigger to grind.


What is Bruxism?

Many people grind their teeth or clench their jaw as a reaction to stress and most often at night; patients are unaware they grind until signs or symptoms arise. Bruxism is highly damaging to natural teeth and restorations. It can cause facial pain; and ringing in the ears; and compromise proper jaw alignment.


How to use it?

1. Immerse the tray in hot water at about 158°F (70 ° C) to the depth that the tray can be completely submerged. Remove it after 30 seconds. The erection of the tray should be slightly rolled up and collapsed.
2. Gently dry the water and quickly wear it accurately to the gum bed. Suck the tray to discharge the air between the tray and the gum bed. Press the contact surface between the tray and the tooth with fingers; while holding the inner surface with the tip of the tongue to squeeze out the air and water.
3. Remove the tray after 10 seconds. Put it in cold water to wash and observe whether the gum line is clear.



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