Chia & Maca Bentonite Clay Natural Face Mask Powder, 1 Pound (454gm) Jar by Pride Of India


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1.100% Pure Bentonite Clay Mask: Treat your skin with natural and fresh bentonite clay mask that is enriched with Chia and Maca. This mask will give you supple skin that is softer to touch. It is a pure clay mask derived from volcanic ash and processed without any additives or fillers.
2.Effectively Cleanses Pores: Everyday pollution, oil, and dirt take a toll on your skin making it lifeless. The dirt and dust trapped in your skin make it more prone to acne and pimples. You can now bid adieu to all these skin concerns with a single clay mask that fights acne.
3.Benefits of Chia and Maca: The natural therapeutic effect of this anti-acne powder along with potent superfoods like Chia and Maca does wonders to your skin.
4.Soothes Skin Condition: The naturally occurring volcanic ash clay is nature’s secret healing agent. To make your experience even more therapeutic and refreshing, the clay mask by Pride of India comes loaded with nutrients such as protein, fiber, omega, calcium, iron, and sodium.
5.No Harmful Chemicals: Just like our multani mitti powder for face, we only use ethically sourced ingredients for our products and that is free of ammonia and chemicals. This is an all-VEGAN product that comes in sustainable packaging of double-sealed BPA-FREE jar


Nature has all types of secrets hidden deep within nooks and crannies and one such new-found source is the volcanic clay mud that is immensely beneficial to the skin. Now you can enjoy the luxurious and nutrient-rich detox mask of nature with Pride of India Chia and Maca Bentonite Clay. A treat for your skin like the much popular face clay powder, this one has deep cleaning and nourishing effect making your skin soft and supple. Use this mud mask once or twice a week and see the difference. Slightly mix it with water to form a smooth consistency and use it on your clean face. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes then wash it away with lukewarm water. A therapeutic treatment such as Sodium Bentonite Clay mask will take away all your skin woes. Enriched with Chia and Maca, the mud mask will gently exfoliate the skin while soothing it so that you can get supple and nourished skin every time.



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