Cordless Portable Water Flosser


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1.Portable: Cordless water flosser is designed for travel anywhere, use in showers and small bathrooms.
2.3 Nozzles: Standard, orthodontic, and dental plaque nozzles for different needs.
3.IPX7 Waterproof: The intelligent design prevents leakage and you can use it in the shower.
4.6 Modes & 2 Minutes Timer: Different modes to meet various oral care needs. 2 Minutes shutdown timer to prevent damage from continuous use.
5.Long Battery Lifetime & USB Charge: 4 Hours charge can last 30 days. USB charging design is applicable to a variety of charging equipment.


How to choose the mode?

Soft: Gentle water pressure for beginners

Comfy: Delicate water column for daily teeth cleaning

Normal: Food residue cleaning

Strong: Deep and thorough cleaning

Pulse: Alternate between strong and gentle to clean and massage gums

DIY: Set any water pressures as you want


How to use it?

1. Insert the nozzle into the machine.

2. Open the reservoir and pour water into it.

3. Choose the right mode. The soft mode is recommended for the first use.

4. Tilt down the nozzle, put it between the teeth, close your lips slightly, and turn on the switch.



1. Dentists’ advice: It’s recommended to use the soft mode for the first week and then choose other modes after getting used to it.

2. Do not spray water along the periodontal pouch for the first time, so as not to cause gum discomfort. If you need to clean the periodontal pocket, you can use the dental plaque nozzle to clean it after a week of adaptation.



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