Electric Facial Cleansing Brush


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DEEP & SOFT CLEANSING. The facial cleansing brush is suitable for meticulous pores and promoting blood circulation. It can effectively remove cosmetics residues; dead skin cells; acne; and blackheads and diminish pores. 

SPECIAL DESIGN FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. The brush head designed for T zone can effectively remove grease and stains; giving you a dustless and cool feeling. The brush hair is soft and gentle as hands; but the cleaning effect increases tenfold. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

SUPER LONG STANDBY TIME. A high-quality battery supports super long use. It can be used about 120 times; approx. 2 months. It is recommended to use it once in the morning and evening; and 2 minutes for each time.

WHOLE WATERPROOF AND PORTABLE. The small size makes it convenient to take with when traveling or going on a business trip.



1. Wet your face; and apply cleanser

2. Start using the device from the edges of your face and progress inwards; going circularly. Make the cleaning massage from eyes to ears; face to ears; and forehead to ears; and finally clean up.

3. Clean your face with water

4. Go on your daily skincare; apply serums; creams; moisturizers; or oils on your face; use the device to massage your face skin; and help face skin absorb the creams.

*Battery included.

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