Professional Acrylic Nail Drill Machine 20000RPM Electric Handpiece w/6 Bits Cuticle Grinder


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1.Adjustable Speed and Direction
2.Professional Acrylic Nail Kit and Multi-purposes



*Adjustable Speed and Direction*:Featured with an red indicator lamp and a dimmable speed(Adjust from left to right when in use) control slide button,inbuilt with a strong motor,it offers you up to 20000RPM controllable speed to satisfy your needs at low noise and smooth working. Equipped with polarity switch to change directions(+represents clockwise,- represents counter-clockwise),perfect for left-handed use.
*Professional Acrylic Nail Kit and Multi-purposes*:Comes with 6 metal grinding drill bits,6 sanding bands,convenient for replacement according to your nail shapes,it can not only file,buff,but also smooth corns,calluses and remove excess cuticles. An optimal acrylic nail care kit for exfoliating,grinding,polishing,carving,engraving,routing,sharpening,sanding,etc.
*Easy Installment*:First choose the drill bits you need and insert it into handpiece tip;Secondly,connect handpiece with DC Out port of drill machine;Thirdly switch the supply switch to I status to turn on the drill machine;Fourthly,switch the Polarity Switch to change direction(adjust the speed to minimum to change directions);Fifth,turn on the power supply switch of handpiece to use;Sixth,to unplug the power adapter after polishing.
*Low Energy Consumption and Durable*:Fast heat dissipation and low energy consumption,safe for you to use. It adopts ABS materials,abrasion-resistant and durable. Note:It could overheat if it runs too long. Avoid overheating for continuous polishing in long time which may cause the machine got shock.
*Widely Used*:Optimal both for feet and finger nails,widely used in nail salon,beauty parlor,spa or nail DIY at home. An optimal gift for your girlfriends,friends or nail technicians.


Product Type: Electric Nail Drill Machine
Input Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output Voltage: 0-13V DC
Max Power Rate: 12W
Rated Speed: 0-20000 RPM
Plug Available: US/UK Plug
Color: Black, Pink,Silver,White
Materials: ABS Material
Power Supply Cable Length: 106.5cm/41.93inches
Handpiece Cable Length: 51.5cm/20.28inches
Handpiece Size: 13.5×3×3cm/5.32×1.18×1.18inches (L×W×H)
Handpiece Weight: 135g/0.30lbs
Nail Drill Machine Size:13×8.8×5.7cm/5.12×3.46×2.25inches (L×W×H)
US Nail Drill Machine Weight: 212g/0.47lbs
UK Nail Drill Machine Weight: 279g/0.62lbs
Table Stand Size: 9×4.5×3cm/3.54×1.77×1.18inches (L×W×H)
Table Stand Weight: 30g/0.07lbs
Package Size: 25×14.5×6.5cm/9.85×5.71×2.56inches (L×W×H)
US Package Weight: 535g/1.18lbs
UK Package Weight: 596g/1.32lbs

*Package Lists*:

1 × Nail Drill Machine-Main Control with Power Supply
1 × Handpiece
1 × Table Stand for Handpiece
6 × Metal Optional Bits/Filing Heads
6 × Sanding Bands
1 × User Manual



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