Thai White Jasmine Rice – 24 Ounce / 680 Grams Jar (15+ Servings) – Proudly Made in America – Healthy Nourishing Essentials by Green Heights 24 oz


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1.Consistent in quality, size, and flavor, our White Basmati Rice is extra long with a slender and soft structure and very low breakage and stickiness. Rated highly amongst Top Chefs, our rice grains are selected with immense care and great expertise.
2.We make sure that our White Basmati Rice is produced and harvested in the best way possible and take complete care to make sure that the quality of our rice is preserved through the whole process, sourcing directly from farm to table.
3.Our White Basmati Rice is very easy to cook because of its softness and can be prepared on a stove top, microwave or a rice cooker. Enriched with nutrients, fiber, iron, vitamins and minerals, our rice is also gluten-free, vegan, low in carbs and non bio-engineered.
4.Green Heights products are carefully packed in USA in food-safe, hygienic, allergen-free facilities and we ensure our product standard by using the best packaging to keep them fresh and preserve their quality, supporting the American industry and workers.


Green Heights White Jasmine Rice is 100% authentic and grown naturally without any chemicals or pesticides. Aged for 1 to 2 years, it has an invigorating aroma, a sweet flavor and is extra fluffy, making it the absolute delight of a dish.



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