Natural Royal Bolivian Red Quinoa – 25 Pound Bulk Bags – Bold Flavorful Prewashed Whole Grains 6g Protein 3g Fiber – Superb Value 250+ Servings per Bag by Pride Of India


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1.Our Certified Natural Royal Whole Grain Quinoa is grown in the Fertile Valleys of Andean foothills in Bolivia. It is 100% Authentic and Pure which gives it an Invigorating Aroma & Sweet Nutty Flavor that ignites your taste buds
2.Our Quinoa is Consistent in quality, size, and flavor. It has a very low breakage, low wastage, and low stickiness. Perfect for use in Kitchens or Restaurants. Our Quinoa is rated highly amongst Top Chefs for quality and value.
3.The whole quinoa grains are bold in size and super fluffy when cooked that makes them sit well with most curries and dishes. The quinoa can be cooked easily on a stove top, microwave or a rice cooker.
4.We take immense care, ensure top quality and source directly from Farm to Table. We use the best packaging for our quinoa to keep the grains fresh and preserve the quality of our product.
5.Our 25 lb (11.4 kg) bags are a great value for money with 250+ Servings – it is Gluten Free, Vegan, Rich in Nutrients – 6g Protein 3g Dietary Fiber, Low Carbs, Non Bio-engineered,


This protein-packed grain is Quinoa is traditionally called the mother of all grains and is as versatile as rice, and tastes delicious on its own and is one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential nutrients. We naturally cultivate it at 12000 feet in the Bolivian Andes. Our Quinoa has a nutty flavor with a fluffy texture. How to consume Quinoa – Cook it in vegetable or chicken broth. Sweeten up your quinoa by cooking it like oatmeal. Mix quinoa with breadcrumbs. Use it in vegetarian chili. Make quinoa pudding. Bake it. Add it to soup. Have it as a salad. Make Quinoa Patties/Pancakes



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