Tyche – Black Vegan Leather Spanking Sex Whip


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Meet Tyche – a black leather sex pleasure whip with a delicately-crafted diamond handle by V For Vibes. The perfect companion to explore sexy teasing techniques with!

In Greek mythology, Tyche was the goddess of chance, fate, and fortune – the reason for unexpected events in peoples’ lives, both good and evil. Unleash your kinkiest desiresand fantasies with this leather whip that is ideal for giving your partner an intense, mind-blowing spanking. You can even use the leather strips to tease erogenous zones of the body. Women take on average 30 minutes of stimulation and arousal to have an orgasm. A whip can help ‘breakthrough’ an obstacle to climaxing. Once you have had that experience repeatedly, it will build sexual confidence and allow you to replicate that stimulation solo or with your partner.

V For Vibes recommends Tyche for kinky couples who are looking to spice up their foreplay and venture into explorative pastures. This pleasure whip is not just for pain. Just imagine how much more fun you will have with a light spanking and teasing. Tyche can be used for spanking, and you can adjust the pressure accordingly. It doesn’t take a lot to sting, so go gently until you get to the level of pleasure and kink you desire. With the stunning jeweled handle, this whip also adds a little extra spice to your outfit in the bedroom or even a sexy Halloween costume.





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